Puerto del Sol | forthcoming | print

Barrow Street | forthcoming | print
"Self-Portrait of a Stranger in a Bathtub"

Hobart | Summer 2018 | Online
"In a Shell Station"

Permafrost | Summer 2018 | Online
“Hindsight Horoscope Culled from a Bank Statement”

Heavy Feather Review | Summer 2018 | Online
"Samson" (a poem comic)

DIAGRAM  | Summer 2018 | Online
"Smoke Break in the Key of FFFFF"

The Meadow | Summer 2018 | Print + Online
"Saint Anthony, Saint Anthony"

Corey Oglesby is a poet, musician, and illustrator from the Washington, D.C., area. Currently the Editor-in-Chief of Fugue, he earned his M.F.A. in Poetry at the University of Idaho, where he also helped build and design the web projects Vandal Poem of the Day and CTRL+Shift (coming soon).