Worn Joy2013-14

Worn Joy was (officially) a band from about 2013 to 2014, and consisted of Josh "Pappy" Miller (acoustic guitar, lead vocals), Laura Sullivan (cello, lead vocals), Andrew Combs (bass), Matt Combs (drums, backing vocals), Todd Gowans (lead guitar), and yours truly (lead guitar and vocals). We self-recorded/produced a single full-length (see links below) and played a handful of shows in and around the Western Maryland area. The unimaginably talented Tanika Henry recorded the saxophone parts on "Some People" (track 2) and "Clean" (track 7) in one, improvised take. The crowd vocals at the end of "Not Home" (track 10) were performed by pretty much everyone I knew and loved in Frostburg, Maryland, in my living room around a single mic.

Download the Album

Agent and The Patient2006-09

Agent and The Patient was a post-hardcore band that consisted of Matt Combs (drums), Andrew Combs (bass), and me (guitar, vocals), from about 2006 to 2009 (though we'd been playing as a 3-piece for years under different names/projects). We released only one official recording, which you can download below for free—it was recorded by Kenny McClure in La Plata, MD, over the course of about 3 years (for whatever reason). We also recorded the music for a full-length with Kenny in 2008, but the band (amicably) called it quits before vocals could be recorded.

Download the EP


Flashbasket was my first band. A pretty terrible band name, admittedly, but better than our original name, Ground Zero (which we decided to change after 9/11). Flashbasket consisted of Matt Combs (drums), Andrew Combs (bass, vocals), and me (guitar, vocals). We self-produced/released a few full-length punk albums before our final 2005 EP, Box-Cutter Songs (download below), which was recorded by Dan Longfellow in Waldorf, MD. This band was my youth, and where I first learned how to make art.

Download Box-Cutter Songs by Flashbasket

Live Videos

My brilliant and generous friend Evan Williamson made this super cool online repository of some live videos spanning all of the above projects. Check it out via the link below, and also give Evan’s site a visit—he’s doing some really exciting work.